HighWay is one of Egyptian’s fastest-growing domestic delivery companies. Whether you wish to ship your goods over land, sea, or air to nearly any destination in the world, we have exactly what it takes to ensure a smooth process from start to finish with none of the unforeseen headaches you might find elsewhere.

Our delivery software has been designed to take advantage of the best aspects of both online and offline functionality.

Offline for Staff Productivity and Security
The desktop office application handles your day-to-day business operations and securely stores all sensitive customer information. Deliveries, billings, and business reporting can all proceed even if your internet connection is unavailable. All changes are kept in sync with the customer’s website.

Online for Customer Convenience
Your customers will have access to a secure, professional website to manage their standing orders and to make changes at their convenience. This will drastically reduce the amount of time your office staff spends on customer support issues. Sensitive customer data, such as payment information, is kept securely offline. Your customers will love the ease of use and convenience.