Innovative Queuing Management System

Queue Management System (QMS) improves the visitors’ queuing process from check-in to service.
QMS provides, collects, analyzes, and manages the visitors’ queuing data to generate analytics to optimize the operations of customer service.

  • The operator can call the next customer, Transfer to another service, put the customer on hold, and finish serving the customer.​
  • All Services, Counter, Branches, and operators are dynamic data we can control them from the admin dashboard.
  • Touch-Screen Queuing Kiosks.
  • Queuing Ticket Printing.
  • LED/LCD Displays.
  • Operators Web/Desktop App.
  • Analytics and reports.
  • Feedback
  • Digital, physical, or hybrid as per the client’s requirements.
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp Message
  • Mobile App
  • QR-Code Generation
  • IoT Integration